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We undertake specialist electrical work for the commercial building sector and local Government.

Our team of award winning electricians have delivered an array of large works over the years with our client base consisting of many of the UK construction contractors and County Councils.  The big commercial contracts are where we fit best but it is very important for us to stay loyal to our roots and we do this by supporting our local Football Club and the Town Council with the annual Christmas light installation.

BRGP Electrical ensure electrical systems work in a safe, effective and environmentally sound manner and will always work to reduce energy costs on electrical installations. We strive to exceeded on compliance and have obtained a large number of accreditation’s under our belt.

Our combination of experience, technical knowledge and product specifications helps to reduce the energy future buildings consume.  We must be ahead of the game in terms of skills and knowledge in order to advise on the latest methods to increase energy efficiency without increasing costs. Did you know lighting levels have a direct effect on productivity? It’s all about knowing your bulbs from your onions.

BRGP Electrical Services

Full fitted by qualified electricians and solar installers

Expertise in Commercial, Domestic & Industrial Applications

Specialise in Larger Premises and Complex Jobs

MCS Accredited Installers

NIC EIC Approved Contractors

Renewable Energy Consumer Code

Services we offer

Reactive Maintainace

Testing & Inspections

New & Retro Installations


Emergency Lighting

Low Energy Lighting

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