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Put a cap on those Soaring Energy Bills!

BRGP likes to make a difference to energy prices for businesses and communities.  We have been installing renewable energy systems for the last 8 years and enjoy the green and economic benefits it gives to all. Soaring energy bills and unstable energy markets makes for a very worrying time for most business owners and it makes sense to look at where you can save energy and it is here that we can offer advice and help.

Solar PV is just one great way to gain control of energy costs. A great investment with great returns up until January 2016 when the Tariff drops. But what happens if you don’t have the finance to invest in solar or don’t own your property? Buying into solar under these circumstance is pointless, especially if you think you might move business premises. If this is your case ask us about Funded solar. We are partners with Kingspan and can offer your business a ‘Corporate Funded Solar’ option.

We have been installing Solar PV for a long time and have installed on domestic and commercial roofs. Our free roof assessment will see if your roof is suitable for Solar Panels. If it is, we will propose a design, help with financing options and project management and installation of the Photovoltaic Panels.

Commercial Solar for Business

Protect your business against hiking utility prices

  • SME Funded Solar Options
  • Commercial Roof Tops
  • Domestic Installations
  • Solar Farms & Parks
  • 25 years guarantee on Commercial Solar installations

We have installed Solar for the following business:

  • Council Portfolios
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Schools & Collages
  • Solar Farms and Parks
  • Public sector buildings
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Domestic Homes

It’s important we  keep up to date with the latest renewable products in order to advise on the best energy saving methods for our clients.
David Bamford BRGP Operations Director

Low Energy Installations

Stop Wasting Energy

You can reduce your electricity costs and carbon footprint today. LED installations are by far the quickest and cheapest way you do this,  as they simply use less energy to power them.

It’s great that you are thinking about changing your business to use low energy alternatives, by switching you will be doing the following good green deeds. Did you know that the new LEDs don’t contain any nastys like mercury and have a long life? (cancel the cherry picker).  They produce light opposed to heat unlike the old style bulbs and strips too. But in the main they are fantastically energy efficient running up to 90% better than your old old lights. Carbon reduction plus low electricity use makes for a very smart business.

We have installed lighting schemes for the last 10 years and have saved companies thousands of pounds by recommending light fittings that do the same job but cheaper and better.  We work with University’s Factories, Dairies, Housing Associations, Schools, House Builders and Offices. We stock a vast array of the latest LED products that we install and guarantee our work. Ask us for a free Lighting assessment on your business today.

Call us for a Free Low Energy Lighting Survey

Why choose Low Energy Lighting ?

      • They can cut your energy costs by 80%
      • When energy tariffs increase it will impact your business less
      • LED’s have a truer colour
      • You can cancel the cherry picker, LED lights last for years
      • Great product and price range 
      • Great return for your investment
      • Reduces your carbon footprint instantly
      • Your are doing your bit for society 

Green Renewable Energy

Correctly installed alternative green energy offers great results…

Recent improvements to Geothermal, Wind turbines and Bio mass products have resulted in improvements made in the amount of energy produced and the cost of purchasing them.  Alternative energy is now competing with oil and coal methods of energy like never before.  We can help you to accelerate the transition for greener,cleaner, more sustainable, self-sufficient methods of heating and lighting your business or home.

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is widely available throughout the UK.  It brings great environmental benefits to a business and accompanied with the Government RHI  it brings good financial incentives too.  Correctly installed with the right products and fittings, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in energy costs plus carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels.

Support for Biomass

You may be able to receive payments for the heat you produce from a wood boiler or a pellet stove through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) it is the Governments payment systems for investing in a wood boiler and burning a wood or pellets.

If you are considering a pellet boiler talk to us and we can give you the pros and cons of our experience over the last 5 years of installing and maintaining  Pellet boilers.

What are the Different Types of Renewable Energy?

      • Geothermal – Reaping heat from the hearth.
      • Tidal Power – Capturing the tide to create power
      • Windpower – Harnessing wind to generate electricity.
      • Solar  – Capturing the sun’s energy to run your businesses 
      • Footstep Energy  – Harvesting footsteps into batteries
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